March Result

March Result

A number of teams scored a lot of penalty points in the best questions competition but Porpoises kept their discipline and now have a comfortable lead.

Sheepworrying caught up and overtook Dolphins in the quiz tournament and the final quiz of the season promises to be an absolute humdinger.

Press Gang showed that their fine performance in February was no accident. Their question setting was adventureous and new. A round on Frogs showed that a lot of the established teams were unsure of the order of the ten plagues of Egypt, something they are sure to want to remedy.

  1. blood
  2. frogs
  3. gnats (or lice or mosquitoes or other small insects)[2]
  4. flies (or swarms of insects; some have “wild beasts”)[2]
  5. pestilence of livestock
  6. boils
  7. hail
  8. locusts
  9. darkness
  10. death of the firstborn (of Egypt).

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