AGM 2009 Minutes (including new format for quizzing)

Minutes of the Bristol Quiz League Annual General Meeting 2009

Date:                  2 September 2009

Present:              Mr Phil Offer (Dolphins),  Mr Tony Sutton (Gnomons), Mr Bob Miles (Gnomons), Mr Alex Dunn (Minutes, Sheepworrying).

Apologies:          None

At the end of the meeting Tom Barton from a prospective new team, Elmdale, made himself known to the assembly.





Match Fees


Prizes (booktokens)


Updating the cup




There was therefore a profit of £151.00 on the season.  Note that the use of upstairs at the Stag and Hounds is currently free.

Phil Offer has the funds and will be contacting Gerald Scudamore to get hold of the Leagues accounts and any monies belonging to the league.

There was no change made to the match fee arrangement of £1 per player per night.


There will be seven quizzes each on the first Wednesday of the month.  The last quiz will be in April they will start at 8pm.

The scoring system will be the same as last year.  For each quiz points will be awarded as follows:  winners, 10 points, 2nd 8, 3rd 6, 4th 5, 5th 4, 6th 3, 7th 2 and 8th 1).  The winners of the league will be the team that has the most points at the end of the season.  If two teams have the same total number of points in a particular quiz then they will get the higher number of points.  So if two teams tie for second place in a particular quiz they will both get 8 points and the next team or teams will get 5 points.

Scoring in each quiz.

There are changes here.  There will be no fractions of a mark teams will either get one mark or no marks.  Question setters need to be aware of this when setting questions.  For example name the ‘Blues Brothers’, no marks would be awarded for one brother as this is not the answer to the question.   The idea behind this is to avoid separating teams by small fractions of a mark and so to encourage the setting of questions that separate teams through testing knowledge.  It was agreed that this would be for a trial season only.

There should normally be 10 questions in each set of questions.  Obviously small deviations from this would be acceptable such as questions associated with the months of the year (12).

Points for each set of questions in individual quizzes will follow the same format as last season.  The team with most marks will get 10 points, , 2nd 8, 3rd 6, 4th 5, 5th 4, 6th 3, 7th 2 and 8th 1).  Again teams with the same number of marks will get the higher number of points.  So two teams with top marks would both get 10 points each and the next team or teams would get 6 points.

Each team will ask two sets of ten question unless a lot more teams join the league.

Prize for Best Questions over the Season

It was agreed that there would be a prize to the team setting the best questions over the season.  At the end of each quiz each team would vote secretly for the team who they thought set the best questions.  These votes would be collected and kept in a sealed envelopes, one from each quiz,  until the last quiz of the season when the votes for each team would be counted.  Teams would be expected not to vote for themselves.


The league has many cups and may have lost track of some.  Tony will report what cups he has as he says he has some and Phil will contact Mark Labbatt to see if he has the single and doubles trophy and the singles trophy.


Phil has had this properly updated with shields.  He asked Alex to pass him details of the wood turner who made the new base.

League Expansion

It is hoped Elmdale will join the league.  No teams have said they are leaving the league.

Phil said he would get in touch with teams that used to play in the league to see if they can be persuaded back.  The current format is a lot less painful than the previous systems for question setters and maybe a team or two could be coaxed into returning.  Any team joining but not setting questions would have their worst and best scores removed in any particular quiz.

The meeting closed at about 9:30.