Bristol Quiz League (Est.1948) Rules

  1. The quiz takes place one evening a month at a single venue.
  2. The quiz is monthly normally October-April.
  3. A team consists of a maximum of five members.
  4. Normally a person can only play for one team during a season. This rule can be relaxed with the agreement of all teams.
  5. Each team provides sets of questions and has a number of turns asking the questions to the rest of the teams.
  6. A set of questions normally consists of ten questions of one mark each. Half marks can be awarded at the discretion of the asking team.
  7. Raw scores for each round are converted to a standardised set of points.
  8. This scoring system is also applied to the final scores for the evening to give points that are added up for all quizzes to give the overall winner.
  9. The team with the overall highest total at the end of the season wins the Trophy and a prize determined. The runners up win a trophy and a prize. The prizes are decided by the AGM.
  10. There is also a trophy for the team that is judged to have set the best questions during the season according to the criteria set at the AGM.