April Result

April Result

April Quiz 2019 at the Nova Scotia

The final Quiz of the season was won by Porpoises. Porpoises also won Best Questions for the season, but Sheepworrying who finished second on the night retained their title as Champions.

The best questions were awarded on a different basis this season. Teams were given a point for each occasion when a team scored fewer than 4 out of 10 when answering their questions. The team with the fewest points were champions. Porpoises won. Interestingly the old system, where teams voted for the team producing the best questions was also won by Porpoises which was a relief and validated the new system for judging the Best Questions.

Porpoises Question Setting Champions however you judge it in 2018-19
Gnomons Champions Fifty Years ago, fourth this season

Sheepworrying and Gnomons have both won the title outright 15 times. In 2009-10 the two teams shared the title, unique in Bristol Quiz League history.

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