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October Result 2019-20 Season Press Gang at the start of their first full season won a thrilling evening of tough quizzing.

April Result The final Quiz of the season was won by Porpoises. Porpoises also won Best Questions for the season, but Sheepworrying who finished second on the night retained their title as Champions. The best questions were awarded on a different basis this season. Teams were given a point for each occasion when a team scored fewer than 4 out of 10 when answering their questions. The team with the fewest points were champions. Porpoises won. Interestingly the old system, where teams voted for the team producing the best questions was also won by Porpoises which was a relief and validated the new system for judging the Best Questions. Sheepworrying and Gnomons have both won the title outright 15 times. In 2009-10 the two teams shared the title, unique in Bristol Quiz League history.

March Result A number of teams scored a lot of penalty points in the best questions competition but Porpoises kept their discipline and now have a comfortable lead. Sheepworrying caught up and overtook Dolphins in the quiz tournament and the final quiz of the season promises to be an absolute humdinger. Press Gang showed that their fine performance in February was no accident. Their question setting was adventureous and new. A round on Frogs showed that a lot of the established teams were unsure of the order of the ten plagues of Egypt, something they are sure to want to remedy. blood frogs gnats (or lice or mosquitoes or other small insects)[2] flies (or swarms of insects; some have “wild beasts”)[2] pestilence of livestock boils hail locusts darkness death of the firstborn (of Egypt).

February Result You can download a pdf of the result by clicking download above. You will see that the first round of scores is wrong in the picture but has been corrected in the pdf. Fortunately this did not affect the result. The big news was a new team joining the league, a team called ‘Press Gang’ , and they did pretty well.

A two way tie for first between Gnomons and Dolphins. Gnomons had a new player who reversed the teams fortunes. Dolphins played a blinder. Porpoises were missing a key player and it showed. Sheepworryings form is worrying. The seaon is hotting up!  

December Result A tremendously exciting tie between Porpoises and Dolphins.  The four man teams of Gnomons and Sheepworrying just could not keep up.   The number of rounds where teams scored fewer that 4 points was three.  Sheepworrying are the only team not to have dropped a point.

Result November 2018 There was a large turnout at the Nova Scotia for the November Quiz.  There was huge contrevery about Gordon Banks in round one.  But as all the teams had the same wrong answer the final score were unaffected.   The final result after a revision was tie between Dolphins and Sheepworrying. Best Questions After the October quiz Dolphins and Gomons each had one penalty point against them.  In this round of matches there were a record five penalty points, two against Porpoises and Dolphins and one against Gnomons.

Battle in the Bristol Quiz League will be rejoined this Wednesday 10 October at 8pm. Team of five are especially welcome.  But one team or another will be short no doubt and so if you want a quiz just turn up! Quizzes are normally on the first Wednesday of the month until April.      

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